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H.S GREWAL(Chairman & M.D.)
D.M.E Tech(Pb)

Mr. H.S Grewal went to England for higher studies in 1957 after passing a 4 years course in Mechanical and Electrical Technology from the National Institute of Engineering, Punjab. Mr. Grewal spent 17 years in the UK, studying advanced Engineering and simultaneously working as a design and development Engineer in Various British Industries. He became Chartered Engineer and Member of the top three British Institutions under the Queen's Charter namely, “The Institute of Electrical Engineers”, “The Institute of Electronics and Radio Engineers”, and “The Institute of Measurement and Controls”. Mr. Grewal spent his last 7 years in England with AB Pharos Marine Ltd. London as a Design Engineer developing Aids to Navigation Equipment.

During nineteen seventies, India wanted to modernize number of Light Houses. Also Indian Ports and Rivers required lot of navigation Aids equipment then and in future, but these were not being made in India because the high technology required for designing navigation aids equipment was not available in India.

The then Indian Govt. Authorities convinced Mr. Grewal to come back and help the Country in this very essential field. Mr. Grewal realising the need of the country migrated back to India with his highly advanced Solar operated Navigation Aids Technology and set up the Company under the name of ASIA NAVIGATION AIDS PVT.LTD. (ANA) in Delhi in 1974 and became the very First pioneer company in India in this field. Since then the company has not been only saving the country’s valuable Foreign Exchange, but also has been earning lot of Foreign Exchange by exporting the Navigation Aids Equipment to many other Maritime Countries.

To serve the country further in an another essential field, the company has developed Solar operated Auto Vehicles of daily use to help in improving the Country’s Environmental condition desperately needed to control the POLLUTION generated by the non-Electric Vehicles. Therefore to add this essential sector in our scope, the Management decided in its favour but by giving a new name to our existing company to represent both Navigation Aids and Solar Auto divisions. Accordingly we have changed the name to M/s MARINE NAVAIDS AND SOLAR AUTO PVT. LTD. during the year 2015-16 comprising of the following Two Divisions:-


      Under our Existing Division ,
    • we have upgraded the full range of solar operated Navigation Aids Equipment with our latest technology, comprising of Navigation light beacons from 2 to 16n. miles, and Lighthouse Revolving Beacon giving more than 20n. miles range. Steel Navigation and Mooring buoys, Polyethylene Navigation and mooring buoys made on our Rotomoulding machine, GRP Navigation Towers, Service Launch, Fishing Boats along with their associated Equipment.
    • Aviation Obstruction lights and Airport Revolving Beacon along with their associated Equipment.
  2. SOLAR AUTO DIVISION: (India has pledged to the world to reduce its pollution level)

      Under our New Division,
    • we have added a new line of business to our company’s portfolio by designing and manufacturing Solar operated Automobiles and launched a state of the art, safe and POLUTION free solar operated Auto vehicles. Accordingly, we now have produced solar operated Goods Delivery Vehicles and safe, stable, long lasting Solar Operated Auto Rickshaws having strong chassis and colourful body of Polyethylene material made on our Rotomoulding machine. The body is fully weather proof and comfortable for hot and cold climates making our Solar Rickshaws suitable for operation in every country.
    • R&D work is going-on to develop4-wheeler solar golf cart and other solar vehicles.

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We are empowered with sound technical expertise, robust infrastructure and a team of expert technocrats. Starting from material selection to final production, every step is meticulously taken care by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Their hard work and rich technical experience enables us in efficiently executing client orders. Our exclusive range of equipment has been appreciated all over the world by virtue of unmatchable quality, durability and reliability. We are committed to provide quality through an effective quality management system to satisfy the requirment of our customer.