Aviation Rotating LED Beacons

    The LED Navigation Lights from Asianavigation is a complete sealed (to not get moisture) and self-contained unit. Powered by a battery in the aircraft, this aviation light uses surface mounted LEDs, catering to all requirements. The beacon is aluminum base and does consist of a circular pressure with integral mounting bracket.
    We manufacture standard quality aviation LED beacon can be attached to tall structures and used as collision avoidance measures. The devices make the structure more visible to passing aircraft and are perfect to be used at night. However, they can also be used during the daytime. The LED Navigation Lights give sufficient brightness so are easily visible from miles away from the structures.

    The range of LED aviation beacon includes:

  • Airport revolving beacon
  • Low-intensity aviation obstruction light
  • Medium intensity aviation obstruction light
  • High-intensity aviation obstruction light
  • Very intensity aviation obstruction light

    Our rotating beacon is composed by LED lights, one clear, one aviation green and one yellow. It can withstand strong wind, sun, and heavy rains. These beacon lights don’t need any maintenance. The LED lights can be replaced if any issues occur. The rotation speed can also be changed according to customer’s requirements. They are easy to install, guaranteed and last longer. For any assistance or information about our LED aviation beacon light, you can dial our customer care number or visit us physically at our address available at the contact us page.