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    We have developed a versatile remote monitoring system for Buoys and beacons by using the GPS and GSM cellular telephone network. The system is suitable for monitoring off-shore and on-shore stations, 24 hours a day from the designated mobile telephones.

    The outstation is fitted with GPS receiver and 900/ 1800 MHZ band GSM cellular radio unit that interfaces with the microprocessor running software. Each station is associated with its own telephone number stored on a SIM card. At the receiver station one or more designated mobile telephones can be activated.

    The Location of the light must be within GSM coverage area and the SIM card for Each station to be provided by the purchaser.

    The system carries following function.

    1. Monitoring of LED Lights: , During night conditions the navigation Light is constantly monitored by measurement of the LED Current. If the LED Current is not detected or remains consistently below a set level, a “Light fail” message will be sent to all the designated mobile telephones.
    2. Monitoring of Battery Voltage: The system regularly measures the battery voltage and a Low Battery text message will be sent to the designated mobile telephones if the average voltage falls to below 11 volts. When the battery voltage rises to 12.5V, the alarm condition will be cleared.
    3. Monitoring of Buoy position:The position of the buoy is constantly monitored by a 12 channel GPS receiver. If the buoy moves beyond an allowed limit, an OFF STATION text message will be sent to the designated mobile telephones. The message will also keep giving the new Latitude and Longitude position of the drifted buoy. The Position Monitor includes a delay off approximately 15 Minutes.
    4. Monitoring of GPS:The output of the GPS receiver is constantly monitored. If the receiver fails, a GPS FAILED text message will be sent to the designated mobile telephones. It is possible to reset the GPS receiver by sending a GPS=Reset command text message. The buoy will respond with a GPS Reset text message.
    5. Synchronising of Buoys and Shore Lights: The navigation Light characters are synchronised by timing signals extracted from the output of the GPS receiver. If the GPS receiver signal fails, the light will continue to operate but will not be synchronised. Also GPS fail signal will be sent to the designated mobile telephones.
    6. Status Report via Command Message:The status of the buoy lights and shore lights can be verified by sending a REPORT text message any time. When the command message sent during daylight the light will be energized for a second. If the light did not switch on, the reply will show “Light fail”
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Marine Monitoring System