Navigation Buoy Manufacturers  POLYETHYLENE NAVIGATION BUOYS

  • Cost Effective, Light Weight, Easy to handle.
  • No Painting, almost Maintenance free.
  • Resilient float section, resistant to impact.
  • Excellent buoyancy and Stability.
  • Buoy is unsinkable (Foam filled).
  • Anti-microbial added to polyethylene body material to prevent algea.
  • Buoy life expectancy : >20 years
  • Body material : Rotationally moulded, UV stabilised vergin polyethylene seamless body.
  • Color : Premixed with body material before moulding Colour as per IALA.
  • Foam : Body filled with closed cell P.U Foam.
  • DayMark : P.E. Cylindrical modules joined together
  • Mooring Eyes : One or Two of Steel.
  • Lifting Eyes : Two of Steel.
  • Service Ladder : Anodised Aluminium.

 Navigation Buoy Manufacturers   Specification:

Specification PEB-1500 PEB-1800
Location River & Harbour River & Harbour
Body dia and thickness 1.5M x 12 mm 1.8M x 12 mm
Buoy height with D/M 2500mm 2900mm
Buoy Air weight 490kg 680kg
Focal height 2280mm 2900mm
Draft 520mm 650mm
Free Board 630mm 750mm
Reserve Buoyancy 1140kg 1890kg
Submergence (by lifted chain weight) 10mm per 18.0kg 10mm per 26.0kg
Radar reflector RR-25 RR-25
MAx. Supported chain weight 350 kg 750 kg
Recommended chain dia 19 mm dia 22 mm to 26 mm dia