Navigation Buoys  Navigation Buoy Manufacturers

  • Cost Effective, Light Weight, Easy to handle.
  • No Painting, almost Maintenance free.
  • Resilient float section, resistant to impact.
  • Excellent buoyancy and Stability.
  • Buoy is unsinkable (Foam filled).
  • Anti-microbial added to polyethylene body material to prevent algea.
  • Buoy life expectancy : >20 years
  • Body material : Rotationally moulded, UV stabilised vergin polyethylene seamless body.
  • Color : Premixed with body material before moulding Colour as per IALA.
  • Foam : Body filled with closed cell P.U Foam.
  • DayMark : P.E. Cylindrical modules joined together
  • Mooring Eyes : Two of Steel.
  • Lifting Eyes : four of Steel.
  • Service Ladder : Anodised Aluminium.

 Navigation Buoy Manufacturers   Specification:

Specification PEB-2200
Location Partially Open Sea
Body dia and thickness 2.2M x 15 mm
Buoy height with D/M 3900mm
Buoy Air weight 1085kg
Draft 900mm
Free Board 900mm
Reserve Buoyancy 3435kg
Submergence (by lifted chain weight) 10mm per 38.0kg
Radar reflector RR-150
Max. Supported chain weight 1500 kg
Recommended chain dia 26mm to 32 mm dia