• Body material : Mild Steel
  • Body finish &Color : Shot blasted and Epoxy painted colour as per IALA.
  • Mooring CHAIN Tie-Rod : 1 No.EN8 steel.
  • Bulk heads : Body divided in 4 sealed compartments with M.S. plates.
  • Anodes : aluminium
  • Fender : 1/2 steel pipe.
  • Fixed Vessel Mooring Hook : 1 No. EN8 steel.
  • Quick Release Hook : Optional(In place of Fixed hook).
  • Safety Railing and Ladder : Stainless steel.

 Steel Mooring Buoys   Specification:

Specification SMB-4000 SMB-4800 SMB-5600
Body dia and thickness 4.0M x 10 mm 4.8M x 10 mm 5.6M x 10 mm
Buoy height 2000mm 2700mm 3000mm
Buoy Air weight 7100kg 10,200kg 16,350kg
Draft 630mm 600mm 725mm
Free Board 1370mm 2150mm 2275mm
Reserve Buoyancy 17,500kg 40,000kg 57,000kg
Submergence 10mm per 128 kg 10mm per 185 kg 10mm per 250 kg
Light,Radar reflector,Top mark optional optional optional