Steel Mooring Buoy

Not all mooring buoys are the same as you might think. Also, they are not a very ordinary thing to be considered when choosing them. After all mooring buoys help boatmen and ships in the sea in navigations as the buoys are dropped in water so that ships or boats don’t get lost in the water and can find their way back. At Asian Navigations, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality, guaranteed mooring buoys for our prospective clients. Our device is a floating anchoring point for all types of vessels, floating platforms or aquaculture structures. They vary in their size, design, physical characteristics and essential materials. Backed by advanced technology, we are able to meet all of your mooring equipment needs.

A big series of mooring buoys is available at Asian Navigations. We manufacture buoys for different applications such as cruise vessel & yacht mooring, conventional buoy mooring, and small boat mooring. . We can make plastic buoys with a hook for small craft. The hook allows attachment of mooring lines. All our range of mooring buoys are easy to operate and convenient for ships to unload goods and required no maintenance. Composite materials include PE High Elastic Foam, Polyurea Elastomer, and Steel.

The features of our mooring buoys include light weight, good impact resistance, large buoyance, good corrosion resistance, bright and stable colors, low maintenance cost, and much more. Asian Navigations manufacture and supply all types of marine equipment. We strive to provide services of design, production and sample processing in order to cater to the specific needs of the industry.