Steel Navigation Buoys

The buoy is a system or a "Road Map" of devices on the water. It is used to help the boat operator determine his position and course. This system also warns the boat or ship of any possible dangers or obstructions in the waterway. It can advise the operator of the location of the best and danger-free route. That’s why well-designed and guaranteed buoy navigation system is used.

We at Asian Navigations, design steel buoys by combining age-old traditional architecture with the application of today’s advanced technologies in materials and current standards. The steel used in the construction of buoys is the same in measure as in the naval field with adequate thickness. Characterized by their high-shock resistance and stability, our process of manufacturing steel buoys goes through an anti-oxidant treatment that provides a maintenance period of above five years. The metallic buoy parts with superstructure quality provide a long service life under the most stringent marine conditions. They can be modified under client’s request. The features of the steel buoys include lightweight, high elasticity, solid steel, no water absorption, and last longer.

It’s our use of the latest technology and expert mind that ensure solid construction of buoys that are virtually unsinkable even against a substantial impact. Also, they have the ability to withstand repeated collisions without deforming. To know more about our steel buoys and their features, feel free to call us or visit our office.